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30. März 2016
ManMachine: Building an Efficient Chat Tool Prototype

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a major theme in the last decade and numerous big companies have invested a lot of effort into the technology. Within the scope of our last ti&m garage project, we too developed a small but efficient chat tool prototype for a big company in Switzerland.

21. März 2016
Lazy Angular: Writing Scalable AngularJS Apps

There are two major issues I have faced in the past few years, when writing AngularJS applications, and I have seen numerous other teams fighting the same battles. Out of these experiences the “Lazy Angular” approach came to life. It gives us a project structure which works for both, large and small applications. And it enables us to keep a somewhat consistent load time as new features come to life and our app grows.

16. März 2016
Schnelle Innovation - wie ist das möglich?

Dass schnelle Innovationen in grossen Organisationen möglich sein soll, scheint vielen unmöglich zu sein. Doch Thomas Wüst zeigt mit seiner ti&m AG jeden Tag aufs Neue, dass genau dies möglich ist.

09. März 2016
AngularJS Meetup in Zurich

ti&m hosted this month’s AngularJS meet-up at our headquarters in Zurich. Our very own Nestor and Mato gave an introduction to SystemJS and JSPM and demonstrated how you can use these two tools to optimize your development workflow and improve performance for small and large AngularJS applications.

07. März 2016
Why Large Companies Need Small Garages for Their Digitization Initiatives

Many established companies face the challenge of digitization and possible disruption by innovative startups or new market entrants.