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From the hybrid cloud to the multi‑cloud – new opportunities for success

So. We have private clouds, public clouds and hybrid clouds. And now there’s even the multi‑cloud. Why? And what’s the difference?

Bernd Leinfelder - Jul 19, 2019


Kubernetes vs. OpenShift

Welche Vor- und Nachteile haben Kubernetes und OpenShift? Dieser Frage geht ti&m-Surfer Bernd Leinfelder in seinem aktuellen Blog-Beitrag nach.

Bernd Leinfelder - Jul 10, 2019

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Smartes Loginverfahren ohne lästiges Abtippen

Zusammen mit ti&m hat die Luzerner Kantonalbank AG (LUKB) eine neue Stufe in puncto Sicherheit erreicht. Gemeinsam brachten die beiden Unternehmen die aktuell wohl innovativste Authentisierungslösung der Schweiz an den Start. So bequem und sicher konnten sich E-Banking-Kunden noch nie einloggen! Doch: Wie funktioniert das genau?

Christoph Grau - Apr 4, 2019


“Disruption isn’t off the menu. It’s just taking a bit longer.”

Under Markus Gygax’s leadership, Valiant Bank is positioning itself as a digital pioneer in Switzerland. In this interview, he explains how Valiant is pushing ahead with its digital transformation and why bricks-and-mortar branches still have a key role to play.

Markus Gygax - Mar 1, 2019


From uncertainty factor to motivator

Digitalisation has long since become part of everyday life in business. Yet digitalisation initiatives often fail because they are not embraced by employees. The Basler Kantonalbank attaches great importance to staff motivation and the creative power of its employees and sees digitalisation as a far-reaching transformation process.

Dr. Jan Damrau - Mar 1, 2019

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The digital transformation is changing customer behaviour and expectations

Parts of the customer journey are gradually shifting to digital channels, but customers still value personal advice as well. In order to meet real expectations, companies will have to design their products and services with a strong focus on customers and their needs.

Karin Mathys - Mar 1, 2019

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Digitalisation calls for Agile strategy processes

Traditional strategy cycles no longer meet the requirements of today’s digital world. Transformation processes place completely new demands on the approaches for developing corporate strategy. Continuous iterations make the difference between success and irrelevance.

Stefan Rüesch - Mar 1, 2019

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Agile Frameworks – Eine Übersicht

Agile Produktentwicklung hat sich in den letzten Jahren und Jahrzehnten in vielen Unternehmen zum de-facto Standard entwickelt. Mit dem Erfolg hat sich auch die Landschaft der agilen Frameworks stark diversifiziert.

Christina Stödtner - May 14, 2018


Setup eines Maven-basierten Multi-Modul-Build

Yves Schumann - May 14, 2018

Technology, Security

MAC Token Profile: the Never-Ending Battle over Signatures

Rainer Knupfer - May 14, 2018