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Special, Future-of-Work

Leading digital banking solutions for VZ VermögensZentrum

Digital banking // A new e-banking solution, a newly developed trading platform, and digital onboarding: In its role as technology partner, ti&m has overhauled the digital services offered by VZ VermögensZentrum. The result is a user-friendly banking experience suitable for all requirements, without any media disruption.

Samuel Scheidegger - Sep 28, 2022

Special, Future-of-Work

Digital signature – a Covid phenomenon becomes a universal reality

e-Signature // Thanks to changes in the law, the conditions have been created for digital signatures and electronic expressions of will to be rolled out to the masses. Providers like Swisscom Trust Services deliver the technical service via signature platforms with a user-friendly UX.

Niklaus Fuchs - Sep 20, 2022

Special, Future-of-Work

The industrialization of thinking

Automation // With the increasing potential for automation and industrialization of office processes, simple tasks are increasingly disappearing – as was the case in manufacturing during the Industrial Revolution. What does this mean for our clients, and what does it mean for technology companies such as ti&m?

Dr. Holger Rommel - Sep 5, 2022

Special, Future-of-Work

“ti&m develops its products in-house rather than simply engaging in body leasing”

Basel & Dusseldorf // With two new offices opened in spring 2022, ti&m is continuing to expand its presence in Switzerland and Germany. We spoke to Gabriel Salm, Head of the Basel office, about the new location and joining the company.

Gabriel Salm - Aug 25, 2022

Special, Future-of-Work

“The future does not just come – it is made. And it is made by us!”

New working models // The entire value creation chain is on the verge of a revolutionary structural change – with repercussions on the nature of work. We talk to futurologist Max Thinius about the coming changes.

Max Thinius - Aug 18, 2022