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We will bring you up to speed with a quick overview of the latest industry topics.

  • Design Thinking in 1:59 h
  • Cloud in 1:59 h
  • Blockchain in 1:59 h
  • AI in 1:59 h

Design Thinking in 1:59 h

In recent years, a number of companies, including Apple, Google and SAP, have adopted Design Thinking (DT), service design, or human-centered design to gain a competitive edge. There is much more to this approach than “simply” prototyping customer-centered solutions and transforming the customer-designer relationship. So, what is design thinking exactly? And how is it revolutionizing global market leaders, both internally and externally?
This course gets to the heart of why the DT approach to innovation can be a critical success factor. 

Cloud in 1:59 h

Due to the microservice architecture, applications are increasingly implemented as cloud-native. This step of the application evolution promises a lot. In addition to abstracting hardware resources, resistance, elasticity and high accessibility are the key elements of infrastructure and platform as a service providers.

This course shows what a cloud-native application is all about. The principles of lightweight services and managed environments as well as their advantages over self-built implementations are shown.

Blockchain in 1:59 h

It’s safe to say that blockchain technology is currently one of the most hyped topics related to digitalization. Many companies are exploring the technology’s potential in their business segment. 
But what kind of promise does blockchain hold? And how can that promise be realized? What is the technical background, and how is the market developing? This course sheds light on all aspects of blockchain technology and provides an orientation to guide decision-making processes. 

AI in 1:59 h

An overview of artificial intelligence – from high-level approaches and visions of the future to learning about the technologies and methods used. We will demonstrate how AI projects can be implemented and used successfully in production. We will develop practical application scenarios based on input from course participants.

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