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There has been a lot of talk about the cloud in recent years. However, many companies are still hesitant to implement it. Decision-makers are faced with the question of whether to rely on the private, public or multi cloud. In "ti&m special cloud", our authors provide answers to the most pressing questions and highlight best practices for dealing with the cloud. We hope you enjoy reading them!


What is multi-cloud?

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From the hybrid cloud to the multi­-cloud – new opportunities for success

Technology // So. We have private clouds, public clouds and  hybrid clouds. And now there’s even the multi‑cloud. Why? And what’s the difference?

Bernd Leinfelder & Björn Sörensen, ti&m

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Wind of change

Strategy // How a differentiated cloud strategy is supporting the digital transformation of SBB. 

Peter Kummer, SBB

“The law doesn’t distinguish between domestic and foreign clouds”

Regulation // Many banks have only just begun to take a closer interest in the cloud. They continue to have reservations, fi rst and foremost about the compatibility of the cloud with banking secrecy. Martin Hess, Head of Digitalization and Economic Policy and Board Member of the Swiss Bankers Association, has the answers.

Martin Hess, SwissBanking – Swiss Bankers Association

What Swiss decision makers say about the cloud.

Comments from the industry.

AI and the cloud – a universal panacea?

Artificial Intelligence // AI has evolved into a real buzzword these days. But it’s such an emotionally loaded term that there’s now a wide gap between the idea and the reality.  This article attempts to explain what AI is already capable of and why cloud technologies have such an important role to play in it.

Christian Sciullo, Google Cloud Switzerland & Austria

Do you see the cloud in the clouds anymore?

Whether private‑, public‑ or multi‑cloud, we know what it is all about. ti&m has the ideal solution for your needs and everything from a single source. Daniel Killen, our Head of Cloud Competence Center, explains you how it works.

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Daniel Killen
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