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The ti&m academy is a training platform that provides instruction in our core areas: technology innovations, architecture, Agile processes, and mobile computing, social business, user-centered design, and usability. It is aimed at CIOs, CTOs, senior developers, architects, software engineers, product owners, business analysts, and project managers who want to learn more about the latest findings from research, technology, and management. Proven experts from manufacturers or communities lead training sessions providing background information on Scrum and Kanban plus trends, tips, and tricks for successful and innovative software projects.

19.10. bis 16.11.2020 - Academy Cloud Weeks (internal & online)

26.10.2020 - C4-Architecture-Model

28.10.2020 - Estimate the impossible - Schätzen für Profis (internal)

05.11.2020 - Agile Requirements Engineering

09.11.2020 - Sales & Account Management (internal)

16.11.2020 - TLS and Certificates 

19.11.2020 - Consulting Methodology (internal)

20.11.2020 - Mobile App Design Frameworks (internal)


23.11.2020 - Demystifying Cryptography

24.11.2020 - Basic knowledge banking

25.11.2020 - Insurance Expertise (internal)


21.01.2021 - Leading SAFe® 5.0

01.03.2021 Ionic 5 - Develop Apps with Web-Technologies

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