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23. March 2021
«Wir erarbeiten Lösungen, die am Markt, und nicht nur auf dem Papier, funktionieren»

In der ti&m garage findet sich alles in konzentrierter Form wieder, was ti&m ausmacht: Agilität, nutzerzentrierte Software-Entwicklung und State of the Art-Technologie. Marius Matter, unser Garagenmeister und CTO, erklärt im Interview, wie der Innovations-Inkubator genau funktioniert.

18. March 2021
Innovation from the ti&m garage: the Hydrant Finder App

Innovation // Where is innovation in its element? At ti&m, that would be in the ti&m garage. Developing the firefighting app in partnership with GVZ, a building insurance firm in the canton of Zurich, was an exciting experience for both parties.

11. March 2021
“Expanding our digital infrastructure must be the utmost priority”

Infrastructure // As an umbrella organization, digitalswitzerland represents over 220 companies whose mission is to position Switzerland as a leading digital hub worldwide. And Switzerland is already well on its way. We spoke to Nicolas Bürer, managing director of digital-switzerland, about the weak spots, and his tips for a successful digital transformation.

04. March 2021
Data and networking: both a necessity and a choice

Data // Demand for an efficient and innovative use of data is growing steadily. Users’ desire for networked ecosystems often poses an dditional challenge for companies. A sustainable data strategy is the central building block of a company’s success in the medium term.

25. February 2021
“When it comes to digitalization, Switzerland’s insurance sector has some catching up to do”

Insurance // Yves Krismer, Head of Consumer Goods and Services at the broker Kessler, sees the digital transformation as an opportunity for the company. Even though new players are disrupting the sector, trust and local roots remain key for corporate customers.