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14.May 2017
In agiler Mission zum Mars
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Was haben Scaled Agile, Lego Mindstorm, ti&m Garagenbier und Pizza gemeinsam? Es sind die Zutaten für einen gelungenen Teamevent unter Führung des Agile Teams der ti&m.

14.May 2017
PSD2 mit XS2A in der Umsetzung: Eine Prognose
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11.May 2017
Die Identität von Robotern
Identität Roboter 750x410

Wir leben gleichzeitig in einer realen und in einer virtuellen Welt. Heute geht es darum, dass die Unterscheidung zwischen Menschen und Maschinen mit dem technologischen Fortschritt immer schwieriger wird

03.May 2017
Authentication Is Good, Trust Is Better. What About Trusting Delegated Identity?
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Trust in a relationship is a must and this is not only holds true for private lives but also in the virtual life. While trustworthiness for established authentication protocols is mainly based on agreement between entities, certificates and keys, trust in the identity delegation context is ambiguous because the owner might not be the consumer of the API. This post addresses some trust concerns when introducing protocols based on identity delegation that de-facto lead to an identity paradigm shift.

21.April 2017
Artificial Intelligence: Taking a Closer Look

Rapid advancements in and around our current state as a species have always challenged us to innovate new technologies: from farming to transportation, building to space exploration. Right now, Artificial Intelligence is experiencing a revolution. But how do you build such an advanced intelligence? Let’s take a closer look at history and some basics.