06. July 2020

Don’t trust anyone who can’t innovate!

Thomas Blog

15 years ago ti&m saw the light of day. In the editorial Thomas Wüst, CEO and founder of ti&m, reveals the secret of our success.

When I founded ti&m 15 years ago, I really had only one strategic concept, so to speak: to be anything but boring! For a passionate software engineer – which is still how I see myself – the short definition of “not boring” is: developing innovative solutions quickly that customers are eager to use because they bring real benefits. 15 years ago, this was true of only a handful of solutions that I was familiar with, and even now there is plenty of room for improvement. My experience had shown me that the best solutions are created when a team of motivated individuals with different skills have a passion for their common goal. When this happens, the atmosphere is electric; discussions are intense, programmers are focused, people share information informally and do whatever is necessary to get a great end result. This was what I wanted in my company, an ongoing atmosphere of consistent and uncompromising passion. And that’s how the strategic cornerstones of our business came into being, setting the foundation for our activities now and in the future and forming the basis for every one of our entrepreneurial decisions. 

Holistic and customer-oriented – our solutions are developed by multidisciplinary teams working together with the customer, on site where required, in iteratively incremental cycles.

Authentic and engaged – we build long-term, trusting relationships with our customers thanks to the work and engagement of our excellent consultants and engineers, who tackle the chal­lenges of digitalization head on, equipped with entrepreneurial spirit and a willingness to keep on learning.

Agility and innovation – we respond to the dynamic nature of the market by developing the skills to handle this dynamism and to make it work for us. Agile working without restrictive hierarchies, freedom to be creative, and a viewpoint that is not hemmed in by conventions – these are the criteria for real innovation. With this in mind, the ti&m garage combines creative design thinking workshops with the capacity to develop deployable software. The aim of the ti&m academy is to involve our con-sultants and engineers in a continuous learning and instruction process, supporting them with both their personal and professional development. Initiatives such as our youth engagement program “hack an app” and our annual art project “art@work” let us act on our social responsibility obligations and broaden our creative boundaries as part of our day­to­day working life. And, last but not least, a flexible approach to work­life balance, embodied in our “Liquid Working” concept, gives our employees the opportunity of a long­term and sustainable future with our company. None of these activities are directly linked with immediate commercial success, so as an entrepreneur wishing to implement them without compromise, one thing is crucial: independence! At ti&m, for example, it was our independent decision­making process – with zero involvement from external investors, whose desires are generally tied to short-term goals – that gave us the freedom to believe in the success of our products. After a challenging phase of development and learning, we now have the most cuttingedge banking solution on the market in the form of ti&m e-banking, based on our ti&m channel suite, a platform which has benefited from our full expertise in shaping the digital customer relationship. 

This independence and financial stability has also helped us to manage the economic and emotional shock waves triggered worldwide by the Covid-19 pandemic, and to continue to develop as a stable and sustainable business in 2020. As a business owner, I have found this crisis somewhat demanding, and I think it will continue to be this way for some time yet. However, I am also deeply touched by the wide-scale solidarity that is helping us overcome this crisis. Solidarity of our customers with us, as partners, and vice versa; solidarity of young people with at-risk elderly people; solidarity of employees with their companies – solidarity at every level. For me, this was a really profound experience, one that gives me courage and faith that we will also be able to overcome other crises in the future. That said, I’m certainly not hoping for any more crises; I am looking forward to getting back to normality – we all miss being close to other people – and I am pleased that we can go back to focusing on less essential matters, such as the sustainable digitalization of society. More than ever, this comes down to the innovative spirit of the Swiss economy. I therefore remain true to my motto: “Don’t trust anyone who can’t innovate.”

Building on a sustainable ownership strategy and strategy for the future, ti&m will continue to use its name as its manifesto – managing technology-driven innovation in cooperation with our customers who put their trust in us, with our employees who em-body our values every day, and in Switzerland, which will always remain our home and the basis of our values, even as we maintain an international outlook.

On that note, stay safe!

Thomas Wüst
Thomas Wüst

Thomas Wüst hat Informatik an der ETH in Zürich studiert und ist seit über 30 Jahren in den Bereichen IT-Consulting und Software Engineering tätig. Anfang 2005 gründete er die ti&m AG und leitet seither das Unternehmen als CEO und Hauptaktionär. Ausserdem ist er Präsident des Verwaltungsrates der ti&m.