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11. January 2021
Building and Managing an Ambidextrous Organization

Research // When it comes to digitalization, companies often find it difficult to make fundamental changes to their business model without losing sight of their core activities. Being ambidextrous, i.e. doing one thing without letting the other go, can help companies successfully manage this balancing act. However, they may face a few challenges along the way.

11. January 2021
Panel discussion: How Swiss banks master digitalization

Digitalization // Digitalization is also an opportunity for small and medium banks. In this interview, Bruno Thürig, CEO of OKB, and Patrik Gallati, corporate management division manager at GLKB, reveal how banks can hold their own against the big tech firms.

11. January 2021
How can you help your employees and your business with a plan for Lifelong Learning?

Companies too need to dig much deeper into this area to ensure that their employees are fit for digital transformation.We show you three success factors that demonstrate how it can work.

26. October 2020
Consulting @ti&m – coming to grips with changing technology

Consulting // The new “Research and Digital Transformation” division at ti&m has been offering consultancy services for technology and process innovation for the last year and a half.

19. October 2020
Banking as a service – a completely new concept?

Research // What is the logical consequence if banking increasingly focuses on the real needs of bank clients in the future? And how can information technology contribute to this? Banking as a service addresses the availability of banking as a technologically integrable service that can be accessed around the clock. Banking processes in the life cycle of a customer relationship take precedence here – from initiation to advisory and execution, through to management and monitoring.