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Establishing a data and analytics organization

Data management // The exponential growth of data volumes, legal requirements, and increasing demands on cybersecurity due to more sophisticated attacks require a comprehensive data strategy that covers all bases. By setting up a data and analytics organization, companies can create a structure that takes all relevant data capabilities into account.

David Furrer - Apr 10, 2024

Special, AI

The future of blockchain interoperability

Web 3.0 // Blockchains play a key role in the ongoing development and decentralization of the internet. With “the interchain”, the Interchain Foundation in Zug is establishing an ecosystem that simplifies interoperability between individual chains through standards, thus driving the development of Web 3.0.

Mary McGilvary - Apr 1, 2024

Special, AI

Cyber risk mitigation — increasing costs or creating value?

Cybersecurity // Protecting critical data, systems and processes affects core elements of a company’s value creation chain, and is directly linked to the firm’s success. Company management teams must manage these cyber risks and be proactive in staying aware of the associated responsibilities.

Andreas Berger - Mar 20, 2024

Special, AI

“AI is playing an increasingly important role in the music industry”

New technologies in rights management // SUISA ensures that composers and lyricists receive royalties for the use of their works. In this interview, Overall IT Manager, Jürg Ziebold, explains the key AI applications for this.  

Jürg Ziebold - Mar 5, 2024

Special, AI

Data-driven banking: Mission data – leveraging coporate treasures

Data-driven banking // Data strategies are becoming increasingly relevant. As the basis for new projects, innovative solutions and the development of new business models, business alignment, data governance and data management lay the foundation for exploiting the opportunities created by new technologies.

Fabian Braunwalder - Feb 14, 2024

Special, AI

Financial industry in transition: Time to say goodbye to account — card — credit pack

Digital ecosystems // Technologically transparent business model design is high on the strategic agenda of financial services providers. But many are struggling with the challenges of this new breed of competition. To succeed, businesses need to find new value propositions, learn co-innovation and retain control in a changed industry.

Joachim Stonig - Feb 7, 2024

Special, AI

Event sourcing: Storing events instead of discarding data

Event sourcing // Modern software technologies need to meet more and more complex business requirements. Effective concepts are needed to handle data efficiently. The traditional approach of storing state-based data is reaching its limits. Event sourcing fundamentally changes this.

André Fröhlich - Jan 30, 2024

Special, AI

“Digital ethics: In some contexts, we shouldn’t use autonomous systems at all”

Digital ethics // Oliver Bendel has been researching and publishing books on information, robot and machine ethics for many years, and has been invited to speak as an expert at the German Bundestag and European Parliament several times. We talked to him about the opportunities associated with AI, the morals behind the machines, plus the concepts of guilt and responsibility with autonomous systems.

Oliver Bendel - Jan 19, 2024

Special, AI

Using your smartphone as a pen

Swisscom Sign // Since last fall, people through-out Switzerland have been able to sign contracts electronically using the My Swisscom app. The function is available to everyone, regardless of whether they are a Swisscom customer or not.

Andreas Tölke - Jan 10, 2024

Special, AI

How to use AI to make the most of company data

AI assistants // Intelligent chatbots like the ti&m AI Assistants combine company data with the intelligence of ChatGPT or Google Bard. This gives companies a chatbot that can support employees with many different tasks, and simplify and improve customer communication.

Ursin Brunner - Jan 8, 2024

Special, AI

Language-based productivity — artificial intelligence as a copilot

Microsoft Switzerland // ChatGPT brings AI into the realm of human language, opening up new possibilities and sparking debates. The real added value is much less disruptive than you might think, as it in fact boosts productivity and satisfaction.

Marc Holitscher - Jan 5, 2024

Special, AI

“When it comes to creativity, ChatGPT outperforms humans by a long stretch”

SwissGPT // Pascal Kaufmann from the start-up AlpineAI is confident that Switzerland is an AI country and has everything it needs to be at the forefront of international competition. By creating SwissGPT, the start-up is offering corporate clients a Swiss alternative to ChatGPT and Google Bard.

Pascal Kaufmann - Jan 3, 2024

Special, AI

App to the cloud: Cloud migration

Cloud migration // The cloud is basically the only way to access key services such as artificial intelligence, analyze large amounts of data, and rapidly scale applications. To benefit from the many advantages of the cloud, a few points must be taken into account during migration. A guide.

Norwin Metzger - Dec 15, 2023