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Digitalization is business

Swiss Armed Forces // Internet applications and digital products and services today shape much of our daily organizational, social and economic activities. The sheer scale and repercussions of rapidly developing digital platforms, big data and the ever-growing algorithm-based services are more far-reaching than any other pioneering technologies in the history of humanity.

KKdt Thomas Süssli - Dec 29, 2021

Special, E-Government

One step closer to the digital future with SHIP

Health // The healthcare system is well on the way to abolishing fax and mail. The SHIP (Swiss Health Information Processing) standard plays an important role in this. With SHIP, it’s possible to eliminate the current manual processes between hospitals and cost bearers, enabling considerable savings.

Michael Stutz - Dec 29, 2021

Special, E-Government

“Digitalization that bypasses citizens leads to action for the sake of it”

HR // Technology is just one aspect of digitalization. Successful transformation hinges on the culture and the people behind the projects. We talk to Angélique Hulliger, head of Human Resources at the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Energy and the Environment of the Canton of Bern, and Roberto Capone, head of the Office of Digital Administration of the State Chancellery,about the canton’s experience of successful change.

Angélique Hulliger, Roberto Capone - Dec 29, 2021

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Digitalization, done safely!

Security by design // Whether industry, public administration or the private sector, many fields are experiencing profound changes, and finding themselves swept up in an inexorable digital transformation. Although this offers some great opportunities, it also significantly heightens the potential for attack and increases possible weak spots.

Philip Dieringer - Dec 29, 2021

Special, E-Government

Agile procurement and procurement of agile projects

Public procurement law // What makes projects successful is the people and their ability to develop and deliver a product. That’s why people – not the product – should be at the heart of the procurement process. A plea for greater cooperation and less specification in the contract-awarding process.

Thomas Molitor - Dec 29, 2021

Special, E-Government

“Thanks to RPA, employees have more time for the really important work”

Robotic Process Automation // ti&m has enjoyed a long partnership with UiPath, a global leader in robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. In this interview, Ovidiu Naicu, Switzerland Director of UiPath, explains why hackathons offer new innovation approaches for automation, and why they might be of interest to the public sector.

Ovidiu Naicu, Andreas Cantoni - Dec 29, 2021

Special, E-Government

When the door checks who goes in and out all by itself

Digital credentials // Since the summer of 2021, qualification-based access systems have been in use at SBB. They check whether an individual has the necessary access rights and authorizations for the task at hand. And that’s just the beginning: in the next few years, all security credentials will be digitalized.

Vitus Ammann, Andreas Fuhrer - Dec 29, 2021

Special, E-Government

The private cloud for public institutions

ti&m swiss eGov cloud // For public-sector digitalization and cloud projects, it is not only critical to choose a cloud-service provider that meets strict privacy requirements and high security standards. There is also a need for cloud integrators that implement projects end to end and in close collaboration with their clients.

Karsten Burger - Dec 29, 2021