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Code Camp offers ti&m employees, partners and clients alike the opportunity to solve these challenges in 30 hours, inspired by a beautiful mountain backdrop. Achievements will be presented at the end of the event, and celebrated with an aperitif.

Code Camp in figures


times per year

Every Code Camp has a specific theme. Depending on what this is, teams of two to four participants tackle given challenges, or challenges they have set themselves.



During a code camp, participants can work non-stop for 30 hours on coding and other exciting challenges. Some of the ideas to have emerged from previous camps have now been implemented – for example, a blockchain app for our youth development project “hack an app”.


meters above sea level

Even if it’s uninspiringly gray and dismal down in the central plateau, at altitudes of 1,328 m, the sun is (usually) shining – whetting our appetite for Code Camp’s all-time favorite food: pizza. We also make sure we’re well-equipped with our own coffee machine and beer, of course. So there’s no need to worry about your physical wellbeing.

Tanja Beeler

Marketing Expert

Tanja Beeler

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