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Retail banking customers do not receive the same options or the same quality of advice as private banking customers. Often, banks are inclined to push their retail customers towards a fund mandate to keep the cost as low as possible for the individual. This is also one reason why customers choose not to invest their savings. 

With the ti&m robo-advisor, customers have the ability to create highly personalized portfolios tailored to their needs, only contacting the consultant when they have specific questions. The costs and man-hours associated with managing the portfolios are greatly reduced because the processes are automated and rule-based


Our robo-advisor – as flexible as your customers’ investment needs.

Robo-advice provides you with a cost-effective way to support new and existing customers with investment solutions. Perfectly integrated in the traditional advice process.

Robo advisor with the ti&m channel suite

The advice process relies on full omnichannel capability. It can be initiated by the advisor and then closed online, or it can be completed entirely in the self-service area – it makes no difference. The retail banking solution relies on simple, clear explanations and on customers’ own knowledge. A rule-based mandate is perfectly suited to retail customers with high security requirements.
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