WhatsApp for Business

This is how we communicate today

Today's customers want to communicate with their bank in the same way they do with their private environment: quite simply via WhatsApp. Until now, this communication has often taken place through unofficial and private channels of client advisors. That's over now! With WhatsApp for Business by ti&m, we are the first company in Switzerland who integrates WhatsApp as a complete communication channel.

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With WhatsApp for Business, response times can be more than halved and sales leads significantly increased. You also ensure a controlled and compliant communication with the customer. 

Samuel Scheidegger - Head Products, Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung ti&m


WhatsApp for Business is a module of our comprehensive digitalization kit: the ti&m channel suite.

Getting started with digitalization

WhatsApp for Business can be enhanced with other services as desired, including: ti&m secure chat, ti&m secure inbox, ti&m chatbot, ti&m notifications or the ti&m document store.


The ti&m channel suite is modular, and its various business modules provide you with a flexible technological toolbox for implementing your customized digitalization strategy. It is based on a microservice architecture. Set yourself apart from the competition with tailor-made solutions for the customer interface.

Samuel Scheidegger
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