This Types Rids a Rusty Bucket from Zurich to Ulan-Ude

The two ti&m surfers Julio Naya and Andrea Magazzini have registered to the "Mongol Rally 2019". They will travel more than 14,000 km through Europe and Asia in a 25 year old Fiat Uno. Thanks to the "Liquid Working" program and the support of the employer ti&m, this adventure will become reality.

Agility, flexibility and self-realization are not just empty words for ti&m, but a living reality. The two ti&m employees Julio Naya and Andrea Magazzini prove this with an extraordinary project. From mid-July to mid-September, they participate to the "Mongol Rally". It is a charity rally with more than 250 participants from Prague to Ulan-Ude on Lake Baikal in Russia. The distance has to be driven by an old car with less than 1200 cc cubic capacity. In the case of Julio and Andrea it is a Fiat Uno.

The adventure of the two is made possible by ti&m. Thanks to the "Liquid Working" model, breaks from work are easy and possible at any time. Julio Naya is team leader at ti&m and is happy that he can participate in the rally: "The opportunity to take time off as team leader is not a matter of course. Thanks to the great flexibility of ti&m and Liquid Working this was not a problem. So we can put our adventure into reality."

The two employees immediately convinced our CEO Thomas Wüst with their idea. ti&m is now the main sponsor of the rally project. «For us it is important that our employees can also realize themselves in their free time. That's why we introduced Liquid Working. Whether the time is used to take care to their children or traveling around the world is irrelevant, "emphasizes Wüst.


Digital and agile as target

Julio and Andrea are already fully prepared for the big trip. They already have a name for their team: "Argonauti in digi-Uno". The name represents the Greek saga of the Argonauts and the hunt for the golden fleece in the east. At the same time the name underlines the digital requirements of the two - the Fiat Uno is also supposed to become a mobile IoT device.

Sensors detect the movements of the vehicle. The location can be called up at any time on a digital map. It is also possible to follow them live on a map. Many other ideas are still in the planning process.

Julio and Andrea will digitally document their journey on a variety of channels. In addition to their appearances on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter they also plan a travel blog. ti&m follows them during their journey and provides support where needed.


Charity wanted

One of the missions of the Mongol Rally is to donate at least £1,000 to a no-profit organization. Andrea and Julio are still looking for an organisation or project to support. If you have an idea, you are welcome to contact them or the ti&m Marketing Department.

About ti&m

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