Banque CIC (Suisse) and ti&m develop new investment platform as white label solution for banks and asset managers

Banque CIC (Suisse) is working with ti&m to develop an innovative digital asset management platform that allows customers to exert their influence where it counts: in asset allocation. The platform goes by the name clevercircles and will launch at the start of 2018. It builds on the advantages of robo-advisors by allowing customers – for the first time – to tactically allocate their assets themselves and to form their own opinions based on trusted individuals of their choosing or the “crowd.” In this way, clevercircles innovatively combines human intelligence with machine efficiency.

clevercircles is available to other financial market participants and can be integrated as a simple white-label solution. The B2B solutions will be offered jointly with partner ti&m under the name „crowd advice“ and are aimed at bankers, insurers, independent asset managers, and other financial service providers.

New pathways to innovation

While many financial institutions are entering into cooperations with fintechs in one form or another, Banque CIC (Suisse) has charted its own path with clevercircles. „In the field of digital asset management, there are many similar solutions that offer old wine in new wineskins,“ says Thomas Müller, CEO of Banque CIC (Suisse): „But we want to offer real added value with our innovative solution. With clevercircles, we have found a novel approach that we are convinced can get new customer segments excited about cost-effective and flexible investments.“ Banque CIC (Suisse) has partnered with ti&m on the implementation and marketing of the solution. As a competent and established implementation partner, ti&m will operate the platform and, for white-label clients, implement it as well.

Taking customer needs seriously

When it comes to asset management, Swiss customers* are first and foremost looking for the chance to participate regularly in decisions on their portfolio composition, combined with a simple and affordable solution. Two out of three people surveyed consider this important; among the younger generation, the figure is as high as 74%. This makes it one of the most important customer needs and is therefore the focus of the new clevercircles platform. With clevercircles, customers can regularly adapt their investment decisions at the tactical asset allocation level by answering simple and intuitive questions. In this way, clevercircles fills the gap in banks’ digital offerings, slotting in neatly between automated asset management mandates and complex trading platforms.