There’s no need to be scared of AI!

There’s no need to be scared of AI!

AI is once again on our doorsteps, younger, stronger and more vibrant than ever after having gone through two “AI winters” already in the last 50 years. Alexa, Siri and friends are a fixture of many a living room, and we are treated to daily analyses and speculations about when the machines are going to take over the world.

How does AI work?

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AI is here to stay

Technology // Ever since the birth of the computer, humans have been developing and perfecting programs. The goal has almost always been to become more efficient and increase quality of life.
Since then, IT has branched off into many different specialist areas and recently entered new territory: artificial intelligence, or AI for short.

Pascal Wyss & Karsten Burger, ti&m

More mobile with AI?

Mobility // Mobility is reaching its limits. Congestion, crowded trains and buses, accidents and environmental damage are the consequences of people’s ever-growing need for mobility. The traditional solution – increasing infrastructure capacity – takes too long and is reaching its limits in terms of acceptance and affordability. 

Andreas Kronawitter, its-ch

“Those responsible must disclose the functionalities and mechanisms of AI technologies where they affect privacy.”

Law // AI technology raises data protection questions.
Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner Adrian Lobsiger explains in our interview what companies must consider when implementing AI technologies.

Adrian Lobsiger, EDÖB

“Anyone thinking about AI should immediately think of Switzerland.”

Dedication // Dalith Steiger is giving her all to turn Switzerland into an AI leader. Her dedication has resulted in her being named a digital shaper – a title given to only a few women to date. She has been working all out for more than three years to make Switzerland a global AI hub. She tells us in this interview where she gets her strength and motivation, and explains why Switzerland does not need to hide its light under a bushel when it comes to AI.

Dalith Steiger, SwissCognitiv

How AI will change your business.

What Swiss decision-makers say.

“Zurich offers the ideal breeding ground for developing new AI technologies”

Location // Players in business, science and politics have joined forces to turn the Greater Zurich area into a leading global hub for AI. Carmen
Walker Späh, President of the Government Council and Head of the Department for Economic Affairs of the Canton of Zurich, provides an insight into the goals of the initiative led by the Mindfire Foundation.

Carmen Walker Späh, Canton of Zurich

Banks need to rethink their e-banking

Products // Swiss banks need to turn their e-banking into a fully-fledged sales and marketing channel in order to keep up with competition from neobanks over the long run. ti&m’s new e-banking module gives them all the tools they need.

Stefan Rüesch & Samuel Scheidegger, ti&m

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