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It’s all about cloud. Soar above the clouds with our cloud­based services.

Why ti&m?

ti&m has the team, the partners, and the experience for successful cloud projects.

License to fly

We offer individualized training services to help you understand the technology, recognize potential, and prepare your company for the challenges ahead.

ti&m academy
Cloud Pilot – License to fly


Flight Plan

In our analysis we advise you on areas of application, identify the optimal technology, and work out a cloud strategy specifically tailored to your company.

Cloud potential analysis
Reduce your technical debt by migrating to cloud-native solutions.

Cloud technology and strategy consulting:
What’s right for you? Where can you find the most added value?

Ground check

We get you in the cloud in next to no time and work with you to test your proposed solution using a proof of concept.

ti&m garage
Idea development, piloting, user tests, and validation for cloud-based business cases.

Cloud service expertise:
Selection of the optimal cloud services from the ever-increasing number available.

Take off

Based on your requirements, we adapt your architecture and work with your in-house specialists to implement an optimal solution, with an emphasis on flexibility, scalability, and cost reduction.

ti&m cloud migration
Migration of your existing applications to a cloud-enabled solution.

ti&m cloud development
Development of your new applications according to
cloud principles.

Above the Clouds

We operate the solution, which is tailored to your needs, ensuring the highest degree of availability and reliability.

ti&m private cloud
We meet the highest governance and compliance requirements in our ti&m
private cloud.

Multi cloud
On request, we operate solutions in a managed public cloud or multi-cloud model.

Would you like to learn more?

Then let our ti&m special cloud inspire you. Here you will find answers to the most important questions about the cloud and our authors will show you best practices.

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BKB’s digital branch

Increasing customer loyalty and efficiency with the new myBKB digital branch

A fully digital, paperless account and product opening process: BKB’s digital branch is transforming banking with time- and location-independent communication channels for customers. †ti&m used the ti&m channel suite and Liferay (CMS) to realize the project.

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A new take on digital asset management based on collective intelligence

clevercircles combines the efficiency of robo-advisors with the benefits of human intelligence.

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