Customized customer communication with 1:1 marketing

1:1 marketing uses behavior-based learning to help you to individualize your customer communication, meaning you can increase customer satisfaction and improve your conversion rate. With 1:1 marketing, you can address your customers personally on all channels and with products tailored to their needs. The intelligence built into 1:1 marketing learns from user behavior, continually increases customer satisfaction, and thus optimizes your conversion rate. The analytics module allows you to cluster customers and develop, test, and continually optimize individual campaigns on this basis. The module is easy to connect to peripheral systems and can be integrated in various process steps, making it exceptionally well suited for supporting and promoting sales – both outbound (including CRM integration) and inbound (contact initiated by the customer).

Your advantages with 1:1 marketing

Sales boost

Demonstrate your digital competence and impress your customers with perfectly tailored recommendations on all channels.

Time saving

Full integration means customer communication and the generation of suggestions are fully automated.

User experience

Recommendations are personalized for the end customer and integrated into the respective touchpoints with personal targeting.

Key Features

Configure A/B or multivariate tests with test groups and then design successful campaigns based on this empirical data.

The module can be efficiently integrated into your company’s system environment. This includes data sources such as Avaloq (via the banking adapter), ebanking, ECM, DWH, and social media.

The display and tracking of leads is omnichannel-capable. In this way, various usage contexts can be flexibly integrated (branch, call center, mobile inbound/outbound).

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