ID-Check – open customer accounts in seconds!

With ti&m’s ID-Check you can offer not only the fastest but also the most innovative onboarding process in Switzerland. Our standard process is 100% FINMA-compliant and can be implemented directly as both a web and an app solution. Thanks to AI, you can get your customers onboard at any time (24/7), swiftly and applying the most secure solution currently available on the market. 

Your advantages with Client Onboarding

Enhanced customer experience

Comprehensive customer support from the initial consultation to contract signing. Supported by video identification and an electronic signature.

Increased efficiency

Efficiency improvements due to the automation of the entire onboarding process and integration of interfaces in the core and archiving systems.

Cost savings

Comprehensive integration of customer account opening greatly simplifies the onboarding process both digitally and in person at the branch.

Key Features

The module makes it possible to complete the sale of a product digitally, without changing medium, including video identification, electronic signature, product opening, and archiving.

The opening process is audited for FINMA compliance. Integrating a KPMG standard rule set means the module can be easily updated to external and internal compliance changes.

Third-party products from other partners or existing systems can be integrated at any time. QuoVadis, Qumram, and Avaloq are among the existing integration options that we offer.

Der Nutzer kann in 6 Schritten einfach ein Konto eröffnen. Zudem kann der Kunde ein Konto eröffnen ohne nur ein einziges Formular herunterladen zu müssen.

ID-Check für Autovermietung

Der ID-Check eignet sich für viele Branchen. Hier am Beispiel der digitalen und sicheren Identifikation für die Autovermietung.

Learn more about the topic

We have put together a flyer for you where you can find detailed information on the advantages of the ti&m ID check. You will also find out where we have already installed the solution and see how it can be used.

Download ID-check Flyer

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