Conversational Framework

Easy made voice and text assistants

For some time now, voice and text assistants have been making everyday life easier. Give your customers a natural and accessible way to do business while lightening the load for your employees. There are many use cases for chatbots. ti&m’s conversational framework lets you keep control of your data. From the integration of related systems, through the training of conversations, to the deployment of the trained models—it all takes place within your infrastructure of choice. This modular architecture means that customers can reach the same chatbot through a range of channels, whether via a specific app, a chatbot on the website, or even Google Assistant, Alexa, etc.

The benefits on a view

Check your account balance and pay bills

Just ask Alexa or another voice assistant for your current account balance.
Give a payment instruction or confirm a payment verbally.


Manage your portfolio easily by voice commands

Pay into your pension

Pay up to the maximum amount into your pension fund.

Customer support

  • Any questions? Contact our experts.
  • No waiting times and no calls to a call center.
  • Simple modification, information and documents.
  • Customer authentication available.
  • Forwarding to support workers for more complex cases.
  • Improved employee deployment planning.

Service navigation

  • Guidance of customers through processes (onboarding, international transfers, standing orders).
  • Completion of application forms

Kachel_Fragen beantworten
Content searches and suggestions

  • Answers to questions and provision of information.
  • Suggestions for most suitable product.
  • On-demand generation of statistics and reports (“How much have I spent on food in the last three months?”)

Lead generation & marketing

  • Proactive chatbot response when specific information pages are visited.
  • Requesting of contact information.

Increased productivity for employees

  • Digital assistants to help with processing tasks, obtaining information from other people, organizing meetings, sending reminders, and gathering information from a range of sources.

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Any questions? Get in touch with our experts.

Give us a call or send us an email – our Head AI Pascal Wyss will be happy to advise you.