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Smart document handling

Even in the age of digitalization, many of the documents and forms that are submitted are typed laboriously by hand. This entails not only waiting times for end customers – above all, it means high costs for providers. digidoc, ti&m’s automatic document processing solution, allows you to fully automate processes involving forms and documents – even handwritten ones – both for you and for your customers.

ti&m digidoc uses modern machine-learning technologies to train systems to extract data from documents with high precision, thus facilitating automated processing.


How is a document process digitalized?

5 steps to digital processing.


Uploading documents

Documents, pictures, and scans are uploaded as training material.
For this, you will need around 50 examples, depending on the complexity of the document.


Visual highlighting

Highlight sections and parts of the document that are of interest.


OCR text recognition

This reads the text within the areas of interest.


Information labeling

Allocation of selected text blocks to data points.


Training and deployment

Train and manage models, and put them into production.

Easy automation


Automated processing of administrative forms

ID cards

Automated reading of ID cards for customers onboarding from abroad, for example.

Wage statements

Automated checking of wage statements

Bank statements

Digital reading of bank statements, including visual processing

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