Newscaster means automated digitization of your market data and products and greatly simplifies the management of your market and research data. The module combines market information from different sources (e.g. Bloomberg and Reuters) with comments and recommendations of your own market research results and at the same time enables a seamless transfer to all common devices or applications. 

The standardized interface enables the seamless transfer of information at any predefined time, in any format, to any application or to any device.
Internal company procedures and procedures, such as the principle of dual control, can be easily integrated to comply with official or regulatory requirements.


Increase in productivity

Fast access to the appropriate information through automated processes and publication on all devices.

Knowledge management

Bundle information from different sources into specified hubs.

Risk management

Capture, understand, and categorize your market data. Easily meet regulatory and industry requirements to manage records.

Key Features

Easy configuration and processing of market and research data.

Using intelligent and standardized data refinement processes, new research reports and data are intuitively created in the form of standardized templates based on your corporate identity.

The standardized interface allows seamless transfer of information at any pre-defined time, in any format, application or device.

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