ti&m Wise for Banks

International money transfer: low cost, easy, fast.

The digital world knows no borders - it is global and lives around the clock. Astonishing then, that international payment transactions are still characterized by complicated processes and high costs. Wise (formerly TransferWise) has launched several years ago an innovative and very successful platform to fill this gap. It enables up to 5 times lower fees for banks and end customers.

Key Features

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Customer loyalty

Strengthen the relationship with your retail and business customers 

Cost reduction

Reduce operational effort with complete transparency 


Position your bank at the forefront of technological innovation


Generate revenue with Wise margins

The ti&m digital banking suite now provides its customers a ready-made integration into «Wise for Banks» as a white-label solution. Banks can thus offer their end customers the low-cost payment option of Wiser within their web or mobile banking portal, embedded in their own user experience and deployed within a few weeks. Take the next step in your open banking journey now. Leave burdensome compliance checks to Wise and reduce the operational burden of FX operations. Instead, focus on value-added digital interactions with your customers. 



Time to Market

Optimise the money transfer experience for customers within a few weeks. In the back-end
we integrate with Wise and your core banking system.


Ensure compliance

Every transaction is screened for AML, sanctions, fraud etc.. Wise manage any regulatory changes.


FX Operations

Offer your customers transparent exchange rates and let Wise manage all FX operations, risk, exception handling, and operational flows.


Seamless User Experience

Wise becomes an integral part of your Digital Banking.

About Wise

As a leading FinTech company with global reach, Wise (formerly TransferWise) integrates domestic payment systems in over 80 countries, resulting in cheaper, faster and more reliable payments for the customers. Wise is known for the quality of their user experience and the transparency of their payment service. 

Urs Bolt
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