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1st success factor: Energy - the power of flexibility

One of the basic components of hybrid working is the efficient use of energy. By eliminating the commute to work and the option of working from home, employees gain time and flexibility. The freedom to better integrate work and private life enables a more targeted use of personal energy. Companies can also help employees to look after their physical and mental health while they are in the office by providing fitness facilities or relaxation rooms.

2nd success factor: Focus - undivided concentration:

While working from home provides the opportunity to focus on a task without the usual office distractions, the office environment can be conducive to tasks that require a collaborative environment. To maximize focus, companies can create quiet workspaces and utilize technology that minimizes distracting interruptions.

3rd success factor: Coordination - effective teamwork

Coordination is the glue that holds team members together and ensures that everyone is working towards the same goal. In a hybrid work environment, clear communication is essential. Regular updates, shared project management tools and virtual meeting points help to maintain coordination across different working environments.

4th success factor: Cooperation - creative synergy

Data gains in value the better it is organized and maintained. Whether as the basis for insights from AI-based applications, as a basis for far-reaching strategic decisions or as the “fuel” of complex ecosystems, it requires and deserves the necessary attention from management and employees. Only a company that has internalized this insight and anchored it in its culture will be able to assert itself with the necessary agility and speed in an increasingly fast-moving world.


These four pillars of hybrid working allow companies to combine the benefits of the traditional office with the flexibility of hybrid working to create a working environment that is both productive and satisfying for employees. In a world where work-life balance and employee wellbeing are becoming increasingly important, these factors can make the difference between a good workplace and a great one.

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