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Two-factor authentication and aecurity aervices from ti&m

With decades of experience in security product development and security operations, we are the right partner to support your next steps in matters of cybersecurity. From multi-factor authentication to security consulting, our expertise has enabled us to develop products that offer the right balance of usability without compromising on the highest security standards. At ti&m you can find the right products and the know-how to get the implementation right.

The benefits to you of multi-factor authentication

Protect your customers’ data

Ensure no malicious attack can reach the heart of your business through the routes used by your customers and employees.

Protect yourself

So many factors can impact your business. If you have the right cybersecurity solutions in place, your back is covered by insurance should things not go according to plan.

Speed up processes

We take care of security for you. With all your solutions from a single source, you can enjoy fewer support requests and fewer technology headaches.

Online Identification

Second factor recovery

New mobile phone? Lost your 2FA-device? Users can request new or additional access by carrying out a personal identification process. Check their identity and facial biometrics with our Online Identification app.

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Digital business is increasingly exposing confidential and personal information over the internet. Strong authentication secures your business and creates confidence for your customers. We have therefore built a powerful solution that we would like to show you.

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Our SDK can be easily integrated in your existing app.
It provides maximal UX and UI to the users.
The mobile SDK is available for both the iOS and Android platforms. The SDK can be integrated within the main business app for a seamless 1-app experience.


White label app

We provide you a fully branded white label authenticator app.
All functionalities are supported.
It can be unlocked with fingerprint, PIN or Face ID.
We set up the app and support you with uploading it to the iOS and Android App store.


Multi-factor authentication

Multifactor authentication is the simplest and most effective way to ensure that users are who they say they are. Authentication is always driven by a combination of factors, namely multiple factors:

Something the user knows – like a password or another defined secret.
Something the user has – like a smartphone with the SEC Suite App or a FIDO Token.
Something the user is – like something that belongs to their person (fingerprint) or somewhere they are (location).

Transactional signing

Ensure your customers are requesting a transaction by verifying their identity in the transaction process (financial or operational transaction). This could be relevant in banking, insurance or government, for instance to confirm a payment transaction, confirm the correctness of certain data or the receipt of a document.

Second factor recovery

Allow your users to request a new login or register a new device without needing help from your support team. Thanks to our online identification app, users can prove their identity by going through our secure identity verification process comprised of ID document verification and biometric validation.

Users can take advantage of the solution if they have lost their access credentials or if they need to register a new device. The system is available 24/7 and fully online, reducing the load on your support system while providing non-stop service to your customers.

Philip Dieringer

Head Bern

Philip Dieringer

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