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Building trust: From identification to offboarding

With a comprehensive range of coordinated services and products, we create and maintain trust ecosystems that enable our clients to establish trustworthy business relationships with their customers and other stakeholders. Our Digital Trust Center seamlessly integrates technologies like blockchain and AI into existing infrastructures and processes, allowing companies to minimize risks through automated compliance checks, continuous security analyses, and tailored training. Third-party systems can be quickly integrated into our open solutions.


Our digital identification solutions

Customer Onboarding

KYC Software for Customer Onboarding

Becoming a customer is not a task, it’s an experience: With the ti&m onboarding suite. Meet the leading AI-driven onboarding and identification solution.

ti&m Online Identification

Automatic online identification software

Verify your customers quickly and easily with our award-winning online identification app.

ti&m Video Identification

Video Identification Software

Efficient video identification – Greet your customers efficiently, personally and professionally.

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Milos Bozovic

CISO Office

Milos Bozovic

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