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The smartest banking technology

Today’s customers expect tomorrow’s answers to their banking needs. So you need a flexible financial technology platform tailored to busy digital-first lifestyles. Not only to meet expectations, but also to enhance operational efficiency and lay the foundations for future growth. With heightened competition, disruption, and regulation coming from every direction financial service providers have to deal with multiple, constantly evolving factors in their field of business. Yet overhauling your existing IT systems to meet these demands is a complex task. The ti&m digital banking suite removes that complexity.

Don’t leave future success to chance.

Fast-track your digital transformation with a revolutionary platform that takes customer engagement to the next level in three key areas.

A future-proofed financial technology platform, trusted by leading institutions.

A seamless banking experience

Modular banking everywhere, on any device.

Built on world-class technology

Superior engineering is the foundation for open innovation.

Holistic design

Serve the entire value chain, front to back.

Get ahead of the competition.

New customer demands and technology trends have changed the banking game. It’s time to put the ball back in your court.

Our clients

Resolve digital banking challenges. Capitalize on new opportunities.

With open technology that works harmoniously and lays the foundations of your future success, we make it possible to provide a unique user-focused service. The Digital Banking Suite is built on the solid foundation of the ti&m channel suite.

Digital banking solutions

Drive innovation. Create a seamless banking experience on any device, anytime, anywhere with modular challenger bank capabilities. Future-proof your business with a platform focused on increasing efficiency, transparency, and profitability.

Customer engagement solutions

Build a unique, fully omnichannel customer journey. Enhance customer and employee interaction by rolling out a modern front office and offering personalized products and services that let your customers engage on their own terms.

Client onboarding solutions

Be ready whenever your users are. Create a frictionless, user-focused onboarding experience. Accessible any time of day with instant verification.

Security and authentication

Protect your systems and customers with market-leading user authentication technology. Implement sophisticated yet easy to use security solutions designed to minimize friction.

Financial technology and integrations

See how our modular, API-driven approach decouples your core banking system from front-end software, allowing you to easily integrate new functionality based on the principles of flexibility, scalability, and cost reduction. Using our well-documented APIs and SDKs, your own elements can be integrated just as easily too.

Our technology partners

Built for the era of open banking. Designed for easy evolution. Benefit from straightforward integration with specialized, out-of-the-box industry solutions.


One platform. Multiple segments

We understand your needs and the end-users you serve, which is why the ti&m digital banking suite caters for all lines of business.

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Digital banking suite differentiators

Our platform is designed from the ground up for streamlined deployment and ongoing management, and offers several key benefits

Usability and ease of integration with existing, custom-built banking solutions, and future cutting-edge technology

Built on Swiss banking expertise, with global reach

Fast time to market: agile methodologies and a modern toolset, from conception to implementation

Consultative, design thinking-led approach: We’ll work with you to deliver the right solution for your digitalization needs

Differentiate yourself from the competition with a tailor-made frontend and access to a broad ecosystem of banking modules

State-of-the-art open technology that’s flexible, scalable, and secure

Fabian Braunwalder

Head of Products & Banking Innovations

Fabian Braunwalder

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