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Our fully automated self-service onboarding makes it easy for new customers to open a bank account whether they’re at home or on the road: any time, fully automatic and FINMA-compliant!

Working with our partner Finnova, we implemented a new portal solution (PaaS) for the OKB. Part of the project was to integrate digital, fully automated onboarding based on ti&m’s online identification process. This allows potential customers to open a private account at any time of day or night. Our onboarding is seamlessly integrated into OKB’s core banking system, and customer data is always up to date. The components of the portal solution and the onboarding solution come from the two product ranges: ti&m Banking and ti&m Onboarding.

End-to-end solution

Thanks to this fully automatic end-to-end solution, there is no longer any need to go to the effort of manually registering new customers and storing their data in the core banking system. Digital registration and identity verification are seamlessly integrated into the existing system. This also ensures that duplicates are detected and that the CRM data is up to date. Customer data is stored directly in the core banking system and no additional administrative steps are required.

The end-to-end solution is available for all FINMA banks. If banks replace their new customer registration process with fully automated onboarding, they can achieve huge cost savings.

AI instead of the bank counter

Once the customer has entered their data and scanned their ID card, our system reads the machine-readable section of their ID or passport (MRZ) and then checks the security features. This ensures that the document is genuine. The verification process is based on machine learning algorithms.

Liveness check

In addition to the ID check, a “liveness check” is carried out, where the customer is shown a video of an aquarium, and has to move their head to follow the fish. The system registers the head movements and takes pictures.

This procedure ensures that the individual on the screen is the same person as on the ID or passport, and that they are a real person rather than an image. Here, too, machine learning algorithms are used.

Outstanding customer experience

The simplicity of the process and the aesthetics and playfulness of the user interface provide customers with a unique onboarding experience, and an impressive first contact with the bank.

Their simple and direct communication and their willingness to react agilely to new situations at any time has made working with ti&m very easy and enjoyable.

– Dominic Wolf, Head of Multichannel

Award-winning, patented solution

The ti&m Onboarding was recognized in the Business Impact and Enterprise categories of the Best of Swiss Apps 2021 awards.
The ti&m Onboarding identification process has also been patented by the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property.




The fully automated process is FINMA-compliant and meets all legal requirements



Artificial intelligence allows the system to detect identification documents even under difficult conditions such as poor lighting


Core banking system

Customer information is stored directly in the existing banking system



The process is available to all banks as a service, and can be easily and quickly integrated into individual systems environments

Fabian Braunwalder

Head of Products & Banking Innovations

Fabian Braunwalder

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