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Never stop learning with the ti&m academy

Our academy is conceived as a comprehensive provider of training, advancement, and development for our employees and clients. Its broad range of courses includes everything from soft skills to methodologies such as scrum and design thinking, through to advanced technology programs.

Refreshing events with relevant themes

Events at ti&m offer something for everyone. Our 30-minute ti&m breakout sessions give a brief overview of all the major issues in digitalization. Get involved in exciting discussions with key industry figures at our ti&m breakfast news events. Can’t wait for a fun barbecue by the water? Our summertime shake the lake event at Lake Zurich has achieved almost legendary status.

Latest info to download

Looking for the latest issue of ti&m special, or perhaps a flyer on a specific digitalization topic? Then simply head to our downloads area, where you’ll also find our annual studies covering various aspects of digitalization.

Our latest publications

ti&m Banking Trend Study 2021

Our new study looks into the latest banking trends and the developments that banks should be keeping an eye on these days.


ti&m special security

In our ti&m special on security, we present trends and technologies, shed light on different aspects of cyber security, and describe what the road to a secure digital future could look like.


Banking Study 2021 Germany

The banking world is undergoing a radical change. But how should institutions respond in order to stay relevant and withstand the attacks of Big Tech and Fin Tech? What actions should they take this year, and which changes will take longer? To find out, we conducted a survey of the German finance sector at the beginning of this year.

Pascal Steinmann

Head Marketing

Pascal Steinmann

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