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Banks are tied to legacy core banking systems that are monolithic, stable, and expensive to maintain. This makes it difficult to meet the constantly evolving needs of customers and market trends. Without the right solution, innovating on existing core banking systems can be risky and hugely disruptive, and the lock-in effects can be daunting. Our integration solution simply decouples your core system from the frontend applications, enabling banks to innovate rapidly in the front end, while keeping the underlying technology and core banking system intact.

A new architecture for your banking technology

A connection with your core banking system lets you move quickly and grow your business solutions landscape, without impacting your core systems of record. Our solution offers banks a seamless way to innovate and focus their resources on what matters to customers.


Customer experience

Grow your business solutions landscape and offer customers a better banking experience without replacing your core systems of record.


Reduce development risk

Our technology is designed to remove vendor lock-ins. We use standard APIs and vendor-agnostic domain language to cut maintenance costs.


Instant value and future investment

Get instant value with our decoupling layer, then improve the underlying technology at your own pace.


No downtime

Increase the efficiency of your IT and client advisory operations without interrupting the client experience.

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Start leveraging an open ecosystem

Build a new banking experience through flexible, stand-alone modules that can be combined according to your bank’s unique needs. Our system guarantees high performance thanks to extrapolated, secure data replication. It is designed and built for growth, so you can continue adding or exchanging elements without touching the core system, while maintaining full backward compatibility. Get maximum flexibility with minimum lock-in effects with the ti&m Banking Integration.

Discover our ti&m Banking Integration

Characteristics of the ti&m Banking Integration


Independent from core banking system and third-party solutions: Connect our banking integration to the platform of your choice.


Reliable message processing, monitoring, and fail-safe design for a dependable architecture cornerstone.


We use industry standards and open APIs to ensure you can build on top of your tech stack.

No lock-in

Start as you plan to grow. Our technology can be expanded by us, by yourself, or by your chosen developer. Your tech, your choice.


Speed is at the centre of what we do. We stream the data back-to-front to ensure customers are not kept waiting.

Frequent release

We deploy on demand and can add features or fixes within days. Because technology evolves fast and you do too.


Our system is architected in microservices that can be handed completely independently.


Decouple from your core banking, to gain full independence in the front end.
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Fabian Braunwalder

Head of Products & Banking Innovations

Fabian Braunwalder

Ready to transform your bank with cutting-edge technology? Speak with an expert.