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Contemporary art seeks to break down traditional perceptual relationships, often unleashing a view of the creative potential of the future.


Starting point

The art@work project was launched in 2006. Working together with the artists, we explore new pathways and seek out forms that keep our thinking and feeling fluid.



We’ve no doubt that art@work #16 in 2021 will produce another exciting project in the exhibition series.



More than 350 artworks have been sold in the last fifteen years with fifteen exciting art projects. Many of the images and artistic works are on display at our four offices.

Wanted: new artists for art@work!

Are you bursting with ideas about how digitalization, innovations and art can fit together? If so, then please apply for the 17th edition of art@work. You can exhibit your work to a large audience exclusively at three locations in Zurich, Bern and Frankfurt!

"art@work overcomes mental barriers and opens the eyes of our – admittedly rather detail-oriented – engineers to new ideas. art@work has been an adventure every year since 2006."

– Martin Fabini – Executive Consultant ti&m

Applications for art@work #17

Once again in 2022, we are offering young artists the opportunity to conceive their own project, incorporating the themes of innovation, digitalization, and the individuality of our employees. Sound exciting? We are seeking projects that develop the tension between art and work, and incorporate the people and spaces at ti&m. “We expect to see artists who are ready to hack our working space with their work and to infect us with their ideas,” says Thomas Wüst, CEO of ti&m. A budget is available to develop the project, marketing campaigns will promote it, and there will be previews at three locations. ti&m will offer the works for sale to its employees and clients during the exhibition. Artists, preferably those without an agency or gallery, are invited to submit project ideas. Get in touch with Boris Lukic below.

Marketing Expert

Boris Lukic

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