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About hack an app

Supporting young talent is firmly anchored in our values. In our "hack an app" IT project weeks, our employees in Zurich, Berne and Basel show children how exciting, diverse and creative IT can be. To this day, our youth development program has inspired more than 2,000 children.
Within four days, students develop their own quiz app. From idea to design to presentation to parents, we guide the kids through every step of the process. In addition to the practical implementation, they learn the basics of IT and are introduced to the latest innovations and technologies such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

hack an app award

Now children can submit their apps in the "hack an app award" category at Best of Swiss Apps. They have the chance to participate at the Award Night of Best of Swiss Apps – and, of course, win a cool prize!

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For many years

The project weeks have been held on a regular basis since 2012. hack an app is hosted in schools, companies or even at ti&m’s premises – the possibilities are endless.



Since the start of the project, more than 2,100 pupils have benefited from the project weeks. Children gain the chance to see how varied careers in IT can be.



Around 97 percent of participating pupils would recommend hack an app to their classmates. What’s more, over 75 percent of participants are interested in exploring IT further after attending a hack an app week.

What we offer


hack an app for Schools

During school vacations, ti&m organizes free "hack an app" courses at schools in the German-speaking area of Switzerland. Contact Lucie via contact form and organize a course at your school!


hack an app for Business

Our "hack an app" courses are also available to other companies. We organize everything, from the course instructors to the spaghetti party - you provide the office space!

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Learn the basics of programming and develop your own app.


Understand the importance of design and design your first wireframe.


Discover cool innovations such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence.


Learn what makes IT tick, in a fun and engaging way.

Keen to discover more after hack an app?

Check out our apprenticeships here!
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Lucie Neuhaus

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