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Special, Future-of-Work

“Work isn’t some place you go to”

New Work // The world of work has undergone a paradigm shift, and the way in which businesses organize collaborative working will determine their future success. We spoke to New Work expert Dr. Sandra Breuer about different working concepts and the most effective office architecture.

Dr. Sandra Breuer - Dec 6, 2022

Special, Future-of-Work

Rethinking consulting 
solutions in banking

Consulting solutions as a service // Low margins and growing competition are putting Swiss banks under increasing pressure. But there’s also an opportunity to gain new customers and retain existing ones by investing in consulting quality. In hot demand are digitally automated consultancy tools that keep banks’ costs low and give customer service advisers the chance to offer their clients the best possible service.

Stefan Rüesch - Nov 24, 2022

Special, Future-of-Work

The workplace, 

ti&m places // The pandemic, along with work with a range of partners, the need for geographical independence, and not least the high costs of office space and infrastructure, has hastened the trend toward new working models for the long term. Now there is demand for tools that make it simple to introduce new hybrid workplace strategies.

Marius Matter - Nov 21, 2022


«Die moderne, modulare Architektur unserer Lösungen ermöglicht eine sehr schnelle Time-to-Market»

Künstliche Intelligenz, Automatisierungspotenziale, neue Kernbankensysteme, Open Banking oder die Cloud: Im Interview spricht unser neuer Head Banking Products & Innovation Fabian Braunwalder über die vielfältigen technologischen Herausforderungen für Banken. Und er verrät, wo man ihn privat antrifft.

Fabian Braunwalder - Nov 15, 2022

Special, Future-of-Work

On the spot: 
four HR 
managers on 
the new reality 
of work

How did people experience the paradigm shift in the world of work? We asked the HR managers of four major Swiss firms.

- Nov 14, 2022

Special, Future-of-Work

“Flexible working 
doesn’t mean longer working hours”

Labor law // Digitalization and the pandemic have created new realities in the world of work. Do the policy-makers now need to follow suit and adopt a new labor law? We spoke to Daniella Lützelschwab from the Swiss Employers’ Association about the flexibilization of working hours.

Daniella Lützelschwab - Nov 8, 2022

Special, Future-of-Work

for new ways of working

Self-sovereign identity // Insurance firm CSS worked with ti&m on a use case to implement a proof of concept: Using a digital loyalty card, the insured person can prove that they are a customer status of a gym, and can then exchange their gym booking  confirmation for bonus points from the insurer, confirming their visit.

Konrad Durrer - Nov 1, 2022

Special, Future-of-Work

Working in the 
cloud – the 
challenges for 
data protection

Data protection // Sooner or later, every organization or business needs to address the question of digital transformation and therefore get to grips with the cloud. A number of aspects must be carefully considered first in order to avoid any legal pitfalls.

Ursula Sury - Oct 24, 2022


SEO-Strategien im E-Commerce, die zum Erfolg führen

Suchmaschinenoptimierung (SEO) ist für Online Shops eine grosse Herausforderung. Millionen Shops, darunter auch Online-Riesen wie Amazon, buhlen darum, bei Google auf einer der oberen Positionen zu ranken (?), sobald der Kunde eines seiner Produkte in die Suchmaschine eintippt. Trotz der riesigen Konkurrenz kann man hier erfolgreich sein – vorausgesetzt man hat die richtige SEO Strategie.

Mirjam Mettler - Oct 12, 2022

Special, Future-of-Work

A blessing 
for some, a curse 
for others

Security@home // Digitalization and societal change are creating new working models. What some see as a blessing, others view as a curse: The trend towards working flexibly from home or elsewhere offers a larger target for cybercriminals.

Philip Dieringer - Oct 11, 2022

Special, Future-of-Work

New ways of working in public administration

Federal Office of Information Technology, Systems and Telecommunication (FOITT) // How the coronavirus pandemic and the construction and occupation of a new building have given an unexpected boost to the introduction of flexible working models at the Federal Administration's largest IT service provider, and what all that has to do with a pop-up store.

Jakob Germann - Oct 7, 2022

Special, Future-of-Work

Agility within your own four walls

Agile@home // In the past few years, many companies have expressly encouraged and expanded agile working. Constantly advancing digitalization and demand for less employee presence at company offices leads to the question of whether agility can be combined with working from home – and how.

Dr. Agnieszka Czupryk, Fabian Neiger - Oct 4, 2022


«Der virtuelle Raum basiert auf der gleichen Logik wie der echte»

Milena Naef, die diesjährige Künstlerin für art@work, arbeitet vorwiegend mit Marmor und Glas. Wir haben mit ihr über feste Materialien in digitalen Zeiten gesprochen.

Milena Naef - Oct 4, 2022