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ti&m – AI-powered Solutions for Your Success

At ti&m, we have been implementing successful AI projects for many years and have substantial experience in using artificial intelligence to drive diverse business models. We can help you harness your data’s potential by showing you how you can solve specific problems with the aid of AI. What’s more, we will uncover opportunities to make your business model more efficient, more effective, and more profitable with AI.

Our AI services at a glance

Leadership training on Generative AI

Turn your company into a leader in artificial intelligence with our 90-minute workshop for C-level executives and board members. You will find more information in our document.


AI Assistant: Your personal ChatGPT

With the AI Assistant, we combine your company-specific data with the power of ChatGPT to develop your own intelligent chatbot.


Big data & analytics

Our big data & analytics service provides comprehensive solutions for the effective analysis and use of large volumes of data. You will gain valuable insights and be able to optimize your processes and make informed decisions on how to take your business forward successfully.


Computer vision

Immerse yourself in the world of precise image processing and detailed analysis. ti&m also offers support in this area – benefit from powerful algorithms for enhancing images, detecting patterns and objects, and obtaining valuable findings from visual data. Set new standards for your image processing requirements.


Natural language processing (NLP)

Use our powerful algorithms and tools to develop a custom solution to suit your needs, based on a large language model (LLM). Natural language processing and analysis allows you to automatically transcribe conversations, perform sentiment analyses, develop chatbots, and efficiently extract information from unstructured data sources.


Machine learning

Discover your potential in the field of machine learning with us! ti&m has many years of experience with descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics for precise data analyses and optimization. Harness this advanced technology to obtain valuable insights and make informed decisions.


Your data is a source of enormous potential for your business.
Treat it accordingly!


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We introduce your business to artificial intelligence

With the ti&m AI Kick Start and the ti&m garage, you can get your business started with artificial intelligence and machine learning in no time and unlock the full potential of these innovative technologies.

AI Journey: From education to integration

With our AI Journey, our experts support you in fully harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence. We follow an integrated approach:

AI Academy: Get to know the technology of AI and Machine Learning.
AI Kickstart: Together, we analyze your business processes and identify use cases.
AI Garage: In our Garage, we implement an initial functional solution (MVP).
AI Project: We expand the MVP and deploy the solution within your organization.

You decide where to start and how far we accompany you.

ti&m AI Kickstart:
Identifying use cases that propel your organization forward in three days

Our interdisciplinary teams analyse your business processes, define concrete AI-based use cases, and demonstrate how they can be implemented. You benefit from existing solutions, as major players like OpenAI (ChatGPT) and PaLM (Google) provide their artificial intelligence systems through APIs to third parties. This significantly reduces the effort required for AI projects, as new tools no longer need to be trained but can instead rely on existing Large Language Models (LLMs). Use cases can thus be implemented more easily and cost-effectively across all industries and organizations.

ti&m garage: From idea to MVP in three to twelve weeks

The unique combination of expertise, methodologies, and company culture at ti&m creates space for technological and creative innovations. The ti&m garage provides such a space – an agile environment in which clients can develop, implement, and test new ideas on the market, free from efficiency constraints and compliance restrictions. In this way, we enable our clients to up the tempo and gain critical advantages.

Artificial intelligence in business

Using AI follows new ways of thinking. But there’s always one focus: leveraging the data’s full potential. We link your business model with the technology and a user-friendly design to develop suitable solutions: flexible approaches that can be continuously adapted to new requirements and datasets.

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ti&m business cases

We have been developing AI and machine learning solutions for companies for many years in the following areas:

Image processing

Big data & statistics

AI for NLP and NLU

ChatGPT (LLMs)

Process optimization

Knowledge acquisition

Optimizing customer service

Compliance and regulatory matters

New: ti&m special Innovation «More than just hot air»

Having already gone through two “AI winters” in the last 50 years, AI is now back on our doorsteps – younger, stronger, and more dynamic than ever. Download our latest magazine on AI and innovation for free to find out more about this technology.

Webinar: Artificial Intelligence in Business

At ti&m, we host regular webinars on AI in business. If you are interested or have missed one, you can view the recordings or sign up for the next one here. We’ll see you there!

Why ti&m?

ti&m offers the expertise, the team and the partners for successful AI projects.


Talented, certified employees with both hands-on and academic experience.


Analysis and prototype in a few days. Production-ready in a few months.


Certified partners of Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. Network of partners with specialist A.I. companies and startups.

Pascal Wyss

Head of AI & Automation

Pascal Wyss

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