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Lukas, welcome to ti&m. What topics will you be raising on the advisory board? What will you be looking at?
There’s one big topic that will concern us all in the near future: pervasive dependable security for the masses. In a digitally connected world, we need security everywhere. Users must be confident that their activities are protected. They have to be sure that their data are safe. And they shouldn’t have to worry about the technical details. As an advisory board member, I want to raise the users’ perspective. I plan to take a constructive and critical look at ti&m’s security solutions. I want to make our security offering even more user-friendly.

What are the security trends for 2022? Where are developments headed?
Cybersecurity is a big issue – and not just for the IT industry. It’s also a major concern for politicians and society. This year, monitoring and the detection of anomalies will increase. We can expect to see great advances in their development. The same goes for the automation of related activities. I also believe that we’ll see more organizations applying user authentication solutions, especially biometrics. Facial recognition will probably play the biggest role in this.

What are the biggest risks?
In my opinion, the greatest danger is widespread impersonation using stolen biometric patterns or deep fake videos and images.

What developments and issues are particularly important for public administrations?
From a user’s point of view, various processes urgently need to be further automated and digitalized. Public administrations are naturally responsible for a lot of highly sensitive data. It is essential that they protect this personal data. This is a basic prerequisite for taking the digitalization of the state to a new level.

ti&m’s security suite offers a range of solutions that our clients can put together themselves. How do you rate our solution?
The ti&m security suite is a holistic architecture. It provides custom solutions for the complex security needs of diverse clients. ti&m’s authentication solutions are easy to implement and user-friendly. I see them as one of the foundations for the further digitalization of business and public administrations.

You have been involved in the training of security specialists. Among other things, you have assisted graduate students with writing their term papers and master’s theses. What is your view on the shortage of cybersecurity professionals? Is there enough new talent?
Unfortunately, it’s been a few years since I worked in higher education. Every company must invest in education and training in order to tackle the shortage of skilled workers. Is there enough new talent? Definitely not at the moment.

I read that you are a windsurfer. So you’ll fit into our surfer family perfectly!
I’m looking forward to it. When I was younger, I worked as a windsurfing instructor for German-speaking tourists for a while. That was a fun time. Nowadays, I’m not a serious windsurfer anymore – I’m happy if I can still jibe. I enjoy the peace and quiet by the sea or looking at the breaking waves during a storm.