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As an IT service provider, the regular exchange with various banks is an important source for ti&m to further develop our existing software solutions according to customer expectations and market developments. Twice a year, we hold our ti&m banking adapter community event, where our customers, various retail banks, meet for an informal exchange and report on their experiences with Open Banking. At the last event, we had the pleasure of welcoming some of our "ti&m banking adapter" customers to our headquarters in Zurich.

In particular, the move towards open ecosystems is slowly taking shape, and many retail banks are in the process of implementing initial open banking use cases. Platforms such as SIX's bLink enable easy third-party integration through standardized APIs, simplifying the implementation of connectivity. Based on our ti&m banking suite, we developed a bLink integration and presented an example of a resulting provider case at the event: the connection of the accounting software bexio for one of the participating banks.

New features and ongoing developments

The core of ti&m's open banking solution is our Banking Adapter, which enables the exchange of data between core banking systems and front-end applications and services. Like everything else we make, our Banking Adapter is designed with flexibility and scalability in mind. It integrates existing software, homegrown solutions, and third-party services into a single, simplified package, extending the reach and longevity of core banking systems. No vendor lock-in. No risk to future compatibility. Simple, straightforward, and reliable secure data exchange between core banking systems and applications.

During the event we presented the latest developments of our ti&m banking adapter. The main architectural improvement is the hexagonal architecture approach, which allows greater flexibility with current and future core banking integrations. Operation, resilience, and recoverability have also been driving factors in the latest developments of the banking adapter, and the new dashboard, based on Prometheus and Grafana, improves monitoring capabilities on the customer side.

To enable our customers to prepare themselves for the announced features and to collaborate with us on the development of new functionalities, we have presented our concrete roadmap 2023 for the ti&m banking adapter.

Partnership with Asubium

Our partner Asubium presented current and future enhancements to their A.dapt solution, an integration solution that connects the ti&m banking adapter with Avaloq's core banking system. We presented a possible approach for integration with Avaloq CAPI BDE Streams, which was in line with what banks were thinking about integrating with this new stream-based offering from Avaloq.

We concluded the event with a community workshop where we discussed current and future challenges for banks, such as migration scenarios, faster deployment of integration environments and test data. These challenges will be addressed at the next ti&m banking adapter community event. We value the participation of our customers in the design and development of new features and look forward to the exciting exchange each time.

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Free banking event (German):
Open banking – the new reality

08:30 - 11:00 Europaallee
Reitergasse 9 |  8004 Zürich

Together with our partners SIX and Swiss Banking, we will be giving an update on the current state of open banking in Switzerland at the ti&m breakfast news "Open banking – the new reality". Be part of the community and come to our free event.