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It's about the right mindset

RPA should be an integral part of any digitalisation strategy. RPA is simple, understandable and can be introduced very quickly to any company and achieve a multiple ROI (return on investment) within a short period of time. We help you to unlock the potential of your automation processes. We not only build robots with you, but also support you in developing the right mindset among your employees.

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Our offering

Our RPA building blocks for you​

RPA Kickstart

Individual and practice-oriented workshop to get to know RPA and preparation of a pilot.​

RPA Challenge & Hackathon

Unique event to learn about RPA and implement first MVP's.

Robot Implementation

Requirements engineering, process documentation, implementation and testing of robotic solutions for automated processes.

IPA Implementation

Intelligently automate more complex processes using AI/ML and other ti&m in-house software competences.


Individual training and further education for employees.

Support & Service

Maintenance, adaptation and further development of existing RPA solutions.​

RPA Centre of Excellence

Establish a own Centre of Excellence (CoE) for individual governance, compliance, security concept, support and auditing.​


Thanks to strong connections and partnerships with UiPath, market leader tool for automations.​

RPA Benefits

Accelerated transformation

RPA is an important component of digital transformation worldwide.

Cost savings

RPA leads to rapid, significant improvement in business KPIs across all industries and around the world.

Higher reliability

RPA robots can be put into operation quickly to balance work peaks and respond to large demands.

Higher accuracy

RPA reduces manual processing errors and always works at the highest «concentration level».

Improved compliance

RPA guarantees more efficient and constant compliance with regulations.

Increased productivity

Automation increases productivity and can be easily scaled.

Enabling the people

RPA enables employees to focus on more complex tasks.

Satisfied employees

RPA increases employee engagement and satisfaction.

Fast ROI

With RPA your return on investment is quick and significant.
"It doesn't matter if I have to process 10 or 1000 invoices today, I can finish work at the same time!"

– a happy employer

Create Awareness

Would you also like to benefit from RPA in your organisation? We offer everything for successful digitalisation, from kickstart to the establishment of a centre of excellence in automation.
Take digital transformation to the next level quickly and successfully with ti&m through intelligent automation.

Why ti&m?

ti&m offers the expertise, the team and the partners for successful AI projects.


Talented, certified employees with both hands-on and academic experience.


Analysis and prototype in a few days. Production-ready in a few months.


Certified partners of Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. Network of partners with specialist A.I. companies and startups.


Emotional intelligence in carrying out our projects with our customers.

With RPA to satisfied employees

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