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Cloud engineering by ti&m: Safe anchor for the cloud flight

Whether you want to migrate your entire application landscape or only part of it, or you want to develop new services for the cloud – we provide analysis, advice and implementation. Sustainable, robust and according to your needs.


Ground check

We get you onto the cloud in next to no time and work with you on a proof of concept to test your proposed solution, e.g. in our ti&m garage.


ti&m cloud migration

We analyze your existing system landscape and migrate your applications. We provide support with “lift and shift”, optimizations for a cloud-enabled solution, or write a new cloud-native application for you.


ti&m cloud development

We develop your new applications in accord-ance with cloud principles, tailored to your needs. We develop the cloud-native application using the latest architecture pattern to exploit the benefits of the cloud.


Designing DevOps pipelines

In the cloud, automation is especially im-portant. We create build and release pipelines for you, so that you can deploy the cloud in-frastructure and applications in an automated way.



ti&m cloud engineers


AWS certification


Azure certification


Google certification

Cloud consulting

We advise you at every step on your path to the cloud – from the initial strategy to completed governance – opening up previously un-dreamed-of opportunities for innovation.

Daniel Killen

Head of Cloud Engineering

Daniel Killen

If you’re planning a project, we look forward to getting to know you.