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New Saviva Integrale is an innovative, complete SaaS solution for centralized procurement and goods management in the food service industry. Saviva AG’s marketplace architecture and ability to create user-specific supplier catalogs provides B2B customers with a real one-stop shopping experience on a single channel.

Our multi-award winning one-stop shopping platform for the food service industry in Switzerland is setting new standards for e-commerce in B2B, offering vastly more than just an easy-to-use goods ordering service.

We are award-winning!

New Saviva Integrale is Digital Commerce Champion 2021 and three-time silver award winner in Best of Swiss Web 2021.

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Our solutions


Sales and administration costs are reduced and sales can be increased via an expanded shopping basket, using AI-controlled promotions. New income sources are generated via marketplace architecture.

Digital commerce

The most advanced B2B e-commerce platform in Switzerland. Thanks to its innovative features, there is no need to install a separate app.


Customers can not only order goods from Saviva, they can also view their entire goods management process. Besides faster reordering, benefits include an intelligent shopping basket and stock process digitalization.


A state of the art, highly available and scaleable platform. The front-end is an Angular-based progressive web app with offline capability and a barcode scanner, and is also available as a hybrid app for specified hardware scanners.

UX concept

A UX concept for maximum efficiency, user-centric and developed and tested by ti&m with future users before implementation. The new concept is focused on optimal customer support and expansion of the shopping basket.

Our approach

In close collaboration with Saviva AG, ti&m developed a user-centric UX concept and tested a prototype with future users. After finalizing the visual design, the platform was implemented by an agile development team, made up of employees of Saviva and ti&m, in three-week sprints in line with the scrum framework. The system is automatically monitored 24/7. In the event of any (full or partial) service interruptions, the ti&m operating team proactively steps in.

Shared goals

The creation of a modern, flexible platform, independent of any software provider, to deliver a competitive advantage for Saviva AG. An increased percentage of orders to be placed via the online channel, and customer loyalty to be generated by expanding the shop to include integrated goods management.


The platform must serve a heterogeneous target group, ranging from managers of hotel chains to kitchen assistants. Meanwhile, the platform must represent complex customer relationships and processes, e.g. individually negotiated prices, restricted product ranges, indirect orders from a central warehouse and environments without network reception, e.g. goods warehouses. To achieve this, a stable and high-performing technical platform must be provided, as every interruption results in financial loss.

Project implementation

Fully customized solution delivered within 18 months including customer-specific catalogs, product range restrictions, self-service user administration, favorites, third-party items, stock management, inventories, intralogistics, statistics and promotions. Responsive angular progressive web app with integrated barcode scanner. Cloud-native backend based on AWS, Kotlin Microservices and Elasticsearch. Connection to SAP ERP, Unilever Online Shop, REST API menu calculation, third-party suppliers via CSV interfaces.

The innovative, complete SaaS solution for centralized procurement and goods management in the food service industry

B2B online shop

Goods management

Progressive web app

Personalized promotions

Pascal Wild

Head of Consulting

Pascal Wild

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