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Digital trust: the basis for trust in the digital world

In the new ti&m special, we look at the various aspects of digital trust, including self-sovereign identity and the e-ID, cybersecurity and cyber resilience, cryptography or ecosystems in which data can be made available to partners transparently and securely. Furthermore, we show how to create trustworthy digital business spaces.

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Additional articles and interviews

• Thomas Ankenbrand and Denis Bieri from IFZ on decentralised finance
• Luka Müller, lawyer and co-founder of Sygnum Bank AG on crypto
• Daniel Säuberli from DIDAS on the new E-ID
• Désirée Heutschi from Orell Füssli on self-sovereign identity
• Florian Schütz from the Federal Office for Cyber Security on cyber resilience
• Stefan Reitbauer (NNH Holding AG) and Tiziano Leonci (myky AG) on digital ecosystems
• Lukas Ruf from the Federation of Migros Cooperatives on cybersecurity
• Gregor Hofer from the Swiss Armed Forces on cyber command and the militia system
• Data Protection Officer of the Canton of Zurich Dominika Blonski on data protection

Furthermore, our trust experts from ti&m also explain in their articles how we are working with our Digital Trust Centre to make the digital world a little more trustworthy.

Download the new ti&m special “digital trust” now

Download the new ti&m special "Digital Trust" for free now.

Pascal Wild

Head of Consulting

Pascal Wild

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