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The replacement of the current online banking is part of Baloise Bank AG's modernization and digitization strategy in the banking business. The modular structure and open architecture enable easy integration of third parties, such as connecting to the standardized open finance platform bLink by SIX. This gives Baloise Bank AG full autonomy and decision-making power to establish its own technological ecosystem. Consequently, other services from Baloise, such as services and products from Baloise Versicherung AG, can be integrated into the banking platform and made available to customers. As a "data and platform agnostic solution," ti&m's banking platform is technologically independent, providing the necessary flexibility and speed to rapidly deploy digitization projects and expansions, while advancing the development of microservice-based applications.

Thomas Wüst, founder and CEO of ti&m: "We are very pleased with the long-term strategic partnership. With our banking platform, Baloise Bank AG gains an innovative and future-proof solution to implement its digitization strategy and provide its customers with an intuitive, functional banking experience."

The new mobile and online banking will be available to customers within the next year.


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