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ti&m places – simple booking, hybrid working

Does your company have Microsoft Teams? Great! Then you’re good to go with ti&m places. Our booking system for workspaces, meeting rooms, parking spaces, and much more makes it easy to organize your office space and use it efficiently. The solution is seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Teams and gives employees the flexibility and freedom to deliver your hybrid workplace strategy at an individual level.


Automated workplace booking thanks to AI

Use AI to take the hassle out of booking desks. Our new booking assistant improves office space utilization while ensuring employees always have their favorite seat.

"The game changer with ti&m Places is the integration into MS Teams, which increases employee acceptance. The areas managed with ti&m Places are very well utilized because employees can see who is sitting there and what environment to expect. This has very positive effects on our teams and collaboration."

– Silvan Schälchli, Business IT Expert B2C, Swisscom

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A brief guide to the workspace booking app

Only a few clicks to book

The dashboard makes it easy to book, rebook and view workspaces and other company facilities such as meeting rooms and parking spaces.

Outstanding performance and usability on the go, too

All the functions of ti&m places can be accessed from any device. The map search function stores your most recent searches and uses your search criteria to suggest available spaces – this boosts the app’s usability on mobile devices.

ti&m places connects

The map gives employees a real-time view and shows who is currently sitting where at a glance. So you can plan your own collaborations and project work. ti&m places also actively supports employees with visual impairments.

Quick and effective rollout of hybrid workplace models

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Would you like to learn even more? Then take a look at our demo video now!
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Andri Bühler

Head of Places

Andri Bühler

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