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Secure as standard

Enterprises of any size and across all industries all have the same expectations when it comes to security: no compromise. There’s no margin for error. But that doesn’t mean today’s users don’t also expect a seamless experience. It’s hard to find secure systems that are sophisticated yet easy to use – except with ti&m.

Advanced user authentication without friction

Where customers are able to log-in on any device, at any time, and anywhere in the world, authentication can’t be left to a best-effort solution. Establish confidence while simplifying the user journey with our industry-leading authentication capabilities. Create a secure connection between your apps and users, protect their sensitive data, mitigate the risks of future security threats and, above all, balance usability with safety.

Robust, secure, uncompromising user authentication

Policy Server: Identify anomalies and attacks in real time. Our risk-based adaptive authentication model learns individual users’ behaviour and increases the security level when users are in unfamiliar environments. Passwordless access: Adopt a new standard of usability and security that has the mobile device at its heart. Enable seamless yet secure access by taking advantage of biometric identification methods. Multi-factor authentication: Allow users to strike the ideal balance between security and convenience, with support for a variety of MFA options.

Discover the ti&m Security Suite

Secure access on all devices

Security is a universal quality, not a matter of devices. Enjoy usability and uncompromising security for each and every interaction.

Secure mobile

A slick and frictionless login experience on mobile phones. Deploy a dedicated login app or embed it in your existing app thanks to our mobile library.

Secure Web

Our white-label solution to facilitate both authentication and transaction signature on web channels.

Secure Token

Universal FIDO two-factor authentication. Offers comprehensive support for the license-free FIDO U2F industry standard.

Security solution for safeguarding company networks

A holistic service for company-wide security

At ti&m, we were quick to recognize that modern-day requirements call for a holistic solution, even in internal networks, that integrates clients and employees securely, seamlessly, and simply, wherever they are. We therefore teamed up with Swiss security specialists United Security Providers to develop our SSO/2FA platform – a new, comprehensive security solution for safeguarding entire company networks.

ti&m security suite

SSO/2FA platform

The company-wide implementation of the SSO/2FA platform enables integration of existing endpoints and, at the same time, is so flexible that new portals and data can also be easily incorporated into the single sign-on mechanism. Access is secured by the ti&m security suite using a strong second factor (2FA). Whether using a smartphone or a special hardware token, access is granted only to those who have both the password and the second factor.

USP Secure Entry Server®

Web access management solution

Applying the ti&m security suite in combination with the United Security Providers web access management solution (USP Secure Entry Server®) offers perfect protection, both for working in the office and working from home. The flexible security and authentication solution, melded with client needs in mind, covers all security requirements – without compromising user-friendliness or sustainability.

More about United Security Providers


Schweizer Innovation für den weltweiten Einsatz

Die SSO/2FA-Plattform ermöglicht komfortables Arbeiten bei gleichzeitigem maximalen Schutz des gesamten Firmennetzwerks. Durch die Zusammenarbeit zweier Schweizer Security-Spezialisten ist eine Lösung entstanden, die dem Nutzer einen echten Mehrwert bietet und Firmen – zumindest was den Security-Aspekt betrifft – für die neue hybride Arbeitswelt bereit macht. Und dank des «Pay as you use»-Modells bezahlt der Nutzer nur das tatsächliche Nutzvolumen.

Success Story

clevercircles 2FA

Uncompromising security and user-friendly handling

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