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Flexible, open integration solutions for your banking technology

Financial institutions are enhancing connectivity and scalability to withstand neobanks. But not all solutions are created equal. Without the right approach, they risk creating a fragmented offering that does not offer any increased efficiency and only complicates the customer experience. Avoiding this requires end-to-end solutions designed with flexibility and personalization in mind, and an architecture that’s capable of connecting all your different data sources to unlock greater value and open up new possibilities. And that’s precisely what you’ll get with ti&m.

Effortless integration with your core banking systems

The ti&m banking adapter creates a world of possibilities. It’s the underpinning technology that connects the dots between your core systems and applications and services, letting them communicate and share data. Without the banking adapter, the concept of open banking is just a pipedream. Like everything we do, our Banking Adapter is built with flexibility and scalability in mind. Easily integrate all your existing software, in-house developed solutions, third-party services, and anything else you want to connect in one simplified package, amplifying the reach and lifespan of your core banking system. No vendor lock-in. No risk to future compatibility. No fuss. Just straightforward, uncomplicated and secure data sharing between all systems and software.

Discover the ti&m core banking adapter

Simplified banking technology solutions for limitless customization

Speed and flexibility are important to you, so they’re important to us too. Simplify and standardize platform development with our Channel Suite development kit, introducing new efficiencies to the process by taking advantage of our open platform for developing and shipping applications. With the development kit, bringing your own software to life is super easy. You’ll be able to develop your own modules and seamlessly integrate them into the frontend faster than ever before. And, as this is underpinned by our digital banking suite technology, compatibility with your core banking system is guaranteed.

The right tools to shape the future of banking

Banking is becoming open, and so are we. The ti&m digital banking suite was built from the ground up to be API-driven. Each module has its own set of APIs, which makes it really quick and easy to introduce new functionality that keeps you ahead of the competition. Each module can be deployed individually, and you can build them together like Lego bricks – they’re seamlessly compatible and can be replaced independently of one another. Third-party or in-house solutions can be introduced in the same way, too, meaning it’s simple to integrate existing systems (like your CRM) with the ti&m digital banking suite. Not only is implementation easier, but so is maintenance. With the fully documented, modern, high-performance APIs you’ll find with ti&m, you’ll have the best tools and all the flexibility you need to give your customers a reliable, seamless experience.

Simplify your move to the cloud. Drive efficiencies. Add value

Cloud is the future – and the present. Thanks to cloud-deployment you can streamline your day-to-day workflows with a focus on scalability and cost reduction, adding flexibility to deploy new services faster and scale at breakneck speed. Our Digital Banking Suite is cloud-ready or supports on-premise deployment to offer you the flexibility to choose your ideal configuration. Cloud Migration meets strategy consulting Every bank will have its unique journey to the cloud. Our in-house cloud team can offer step-by-step guidance on your move to the cloud and will provide you with the best solution tailored to your business. Together with our partners AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google’s Cloud Platform, we ensure the highest degree of availability and reliability and we meet the most stringent governance and compliance requirements.

Fabian Braunwalder

Head of Products & Banking Innovations

Fabian Braunwalder

Ready to transform your bank with a modern technology approach?