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Liferay DXP – the CMS for your portal

Liferay DXP is the ideal basis for the front end of customer portals, online self-service systems, and digital workplaces. It combines a sophisticated web content management system (WCMS) with detailed permissions management, user segmentation, personalization, theming, and a set of frequently used standard widgets. Liferay combines the advantages of open source via its Community Edition with the warranty and security of investment offered by enterprise subscriptions for the DXP edition. To create exceptionally scalable platforms, we integrate Liferay DXP into a modern microservice architecture and develop product-independent extensions.

Portal as a service with Liferay DXP Cloud

To accelerate time to market, Liferay DXP can be ordered in a preconfigured cluster optimized by the manufacturer. The cloud infrastructure contains the Liferay instances, load balancers, search cluster, databases, monitoring, and continuous integration/deployment. Multiple environments can also be configured for each project. The infrastructure is ready to deploy just a few days after ordering. We would be happy to advise you on optimum sizing, parameterization of the environments, and customization options.

Insights with the Liferay Analytics Cloud

Liferay Analytics Cloud supplies you with important evaluations of the usage of your digital communication channel. But that’s not all: it provides fully integrated performance information within the Liferay CMS as well. This means that content editors can see directly from the portal page management which content is actually important and where optimization is required. Thanks to the Liferay Analytics Cloud and Liferay DXP, different versions can be trialled via automated A/B testing, and their relative success measured. User segments are identified and can be used for personalized experiences in Liferay DXP. We would be delighted to demonstrate the solution’s benefits to you and train your editors.

B2B shops with Liferay Commerce

Liferay DXP, with the Analytics Cloud and the commerce modules that are included even in the standard version, is the ideal foundation for flexible B2B online shops. It includes the ability to manage multiple product catalogs with customer-specific prices, a shopping basket and checkout, support for multiple order accounts per customer organization, release workflows, and product recommendations based on previous orders. We extend these basic functionalities with our own microservices to completely digitalize individual customer relationships.