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Our tool for innovation

The unique combination of knowledge, methods, and culture at ti&m creates space for creative technological innovations. The ti&m garage opens up this space, allowing clients to come up with new concepts, develop them using Agile methodologies, and test them on the market directly – free from the pressures of efficiency and compliance. This is how we get our clients up to critical speed.

From the idea to minimum viable product in 3 to 12 weeks

Small, motivated teams move into the garage, discuss until their heads smoke, model and visualize the findings on the wall and try them out. The result is a functional MVP in only 3 to 12 weeks. Our best talents work with you in design thinking workshops to crystallize, test, and improve your concept. With a seamless transition to development, you can test a new prototype every 2 weeks. When you leave the garage after a predetermined period of time, you have a deployable minimum viable product and a Silicon Valley-style venture pitch to test and communicate your product concept.

We close innovation gaps

Digital business models are not invented at the drawing board. Trial and error, early corrections, and brand-new approaches call for a creative way of working toward solutions. The key to a successful business model – whether it’s for mobile devices, the web, or the «Internet of Things» – is user acceptance. Design thinking provides the means to formulate concepts and manage the creative process. This creates space for real «out-of-the-box» thinking, while keeping the focus on the solution space. Constant feedback loops ensure that the «right path» is being followed. And this path is uncompromisingly guided by the end users’ needs.

Success Story


Hydrant Finder App– An app that saves precious time

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Marius Matter

CTO, Head Agile Projects Zurich

Marius Matter

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