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Process and manage energy meter data digitally

Thanks to IoT, the energy meter dashboard can be used to easily read meter readings and conveniently provide the values digitally. Our solution can provide support wherever dashboards, meters and sensor data are used.

The advantages of our solution


Versatile visualization options

User-friendly graphical visualizations allow meter readings to be monitored in groups and broken down to individual units.

Data storage

Access present and past data

Consumption billing can be carried out easily and the numbers can be called up at any time, even retrospectively.

Further development

Modular and scalable

Additional meters, IoT sensors, digital services or other assets can be integrated at any time.


Highly customizable

Of course, our solution can be adapted to your requirements and branding guidelines.

Development time

Developed for you within seven months

Off the shelf and yet highly personalized. This means we can develop the solution for you in just seven months.

Could this be something for you?

Our solution is ideal for applications where dashboards, counters and sensor data are used, such as:

Construction organizations

Real estate managers & service providers

Electricity suppliers

Electric charging stations

Philip Dieringer

Philip Dieringer

Do you have any questions about our solution or would you like to find out more about the project costs and the implementation process? We look forward to hearing from you!