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Audit-proof document management for the highest security standards

Technical documents are subject to constant change and highly regulated HROs cannot rely on static documents to meet their operational requirements. With our solution, you can provide your employees with constantly updated manuals, checklists and guides, highlight particularly useful content and much more. All information is synchronized with your CMS, so you can be sure that all information is up to date.

The advantages of our solution

Online and offline access

Secure access to documents

Access to uploaded documents at any time, regardless of location and time - whether offline or online.


Audit-proof document management

The security and integrity of the documents are guaranteed.


Collaboration at the highest level

Functions such as markups, notes and search enable seamless collaboration between teams.

Data synchronization

Always up-to-date

We offer state-of-the-art data synchronization functions.


Highly customizable

Of course, our solution can be adapted to your requirements and branding guidelines.

Development time

Developed for you within twelve months

Off the shelf and yet highly personalized. This means we can develop the solution for you in just twelve months.

Could this be something for you?

Our solution is particularly suitable for HROs such as:

Aviation, Nautics
& Space Industry

Healthcare Institution

Manufacturing and power plants

Marius Matter

CTO, Head Agile Projects Zurich

Marius Matter

Do you have any questions about our solution or would you like to find out more about the project costs and the implementation process? We look forward to hearing from you!